Stitch Fix #4 – October 2016

Great news – I’ve officially found my stylist! I was so pleased with my 3rd fix that I emailed Customer Service and asked if Ann Blaire could become my permanent stylist. I’m SO glad I did because she KILLED it with Fix #4! Plus, check out her note. How sweet is she!


As you may remember from my first, second or third fixes, I’m a quarterly (or seasonal) fix kind of girl. One per month is WAY too much for my closet and our budget. For my fall fix I spent some time going through my clothes to find out what I have and what I need, and then I asked Ann Blaire to send the following:

  • Colored and/or light wash skinny jeans
  • Elbow patches
  • A cold shoulder dress/top
  • A brown cardigan great for layering
  • Anything fall-ish that she thought I would love

So here’s what my gal Ann Blaire sent me…

Moda Luxe – Brooks Crossbody Bag – $58

Ok, so I’m not really a purse kind of girl. I probably have about 10 of them total, but really I just use one. It’s brown and I bought it for $15 at Old Navy about 3 years ago (somewhat similar). And to be honest, about 6 months ago I ditched the purse for a large Target wallet so now only carry a purse about once a week.

But all that being said…as soon as I pulled this purse out of the box, I HAD TO KEEP IT! I love that it’s crossbody! It makes it perfect for running around on weekends or for carrying while on vacation. Plus I own NOTHING in this color. It’s just perfect for fall. Plus, check out how cute the pattern is inside.

Status: Kept


Liverpool – Adele Skinny Jean – $88

fullsizeoutput_317Although I LOVE the color, I was a little nervous about these skinnies because of the brand. I have two other pairs of Liverpool pants (remember the black ones from my first Fix). Although both of my Liverpool pants look great when I first put them on, as the day goes on they start to sag.

Thankfully these Liverpool’s were much more structured (just like Ann Blaire said) and they stay put all day long.

The color is great for fall and even though they are a bit bold, (for me) they are surprisingly easy to pair. These pants are a little longer than I would have liked, but if the length really starts to irritate me, I can always get them hemmed.

Status: Kept


Market & Spruce – Cotulla Button Back Sweater – $58

I asked for elbow patches and I got them! Sadly, I just didn’t LOVE this sweater. The back is adorable, but the front is just kind of blah.

However, even though I wasn’t in love with it, I quickly came to realize this sweater is many SF enthusiasts’ fall unicorn. I do have a little regret about not keeping this because it was super soft and it probably would have been pretty versatile. However, because I didn’t LOVE it; I couldn’t justify spending the money to keep it.

Instead of sending it straight back, I posted it on the Stitch Fix B/S/T board and it sold in less than 10 minutes.

Status: Sold


BRIXON IVY – Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan – $68

Last year I saw a TON of cute outfits with brown cardigans that I wanted to try out for myself. The only problem was that I could never find the key ingredient – a brown cardigan. Instead of running the risk of another fruitless search this year, I decided to give my stylist a shot at finding one for me.

THANK YOU Ann Blaire! The one she sent was SO much better than anything I had even imagined.

Check out those pockets! So adorable! And if that wasn’t enough, the cable knit adds an extra element of interest. The sweater is also pretty thick, so it will be great in the winter too. Thin cardigans can only take you so far into fall here in Colorado.

Status: Kept


Hailee C – Morwen Button Up Top – $58

This was the only item in the box that I flat out didn’t like. The fit isn’t great for me. It feels a bit short. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a very high quality item. However, when I added up the price of the purse, jeans and cardigan, I found that with the 20% discount, it actually made more sense to keep everything. Although I REALLY wanted to add some plaid to my wardrobe, this shirt just wasn’t for me.

Apparently a lot of others feel the same way. Even though I have it listed for sale in several places online, I still haven’t managed to find a buyer.

Status: FOR SALE!


Stitch Fix #3 – June 2016

IMG_1478When it comes to Stitch Fix, I’m a quarterly girl. That’s why you don’t see a box review every month. I get a box each season and for me (and our finances), that’s enough.

In case you’re curious, here’s what I kept form my first and second fixes. Last month I also experimented with Golden Tote.

But back to my first love…Stitch Fix.

For my third fix, I was pretty specific. I asked my stylist for clothes for our up-coming trip to the Mediterranean. What??? You didn’t know we were going on a Mediterranean cruise??? You should check out this post and this post.


So now to the good stuff…what was in my THIRD box?

Dear John – Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short – $58

When I peaked at my shipment (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) I was a little thrown by these shorts. They looked like they were pale pink. But once I actually saw them in person I realized they were bright pink and white striped.


Bottom line, both me (and hubs) surprisingly LOVED them. Oh, and they fit like a dream – perfect length and very comfy.


However, I just don’t need another pair of shorts right now. I really only need 2 or 3 pairs for my current lifestyle, and I’m close to triple that number. Also, you may (or may not) be surprised to learn that I won’t be wearing shorts that often on our vacation. Even though it will be HOT, apparently they don’t really do shorts in Europe. So there’s that.

Status: Returned


Market & Spruce – Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee – $44


Ok, so I know what you’re thinking because I thought it too. $44 for a grey t-shirt!?!?! You have GOT to be kidding me Stitch Fix!!! Well, spoiler alert: I KEPT it! I know, I know, I know! Who have I become? Well, I’ll tell you – someone with the most versatile, comfortable shirt in the whole world, that’s who!


Ok, so before you get all judgy, I did a little research via a Stitch Fix buy/sell/trade Facebook group…yeah, I’m a part of one of those. Just stop with the judgy eyes already.


So, here’s the deal, in the world of Stitch Fix, this shirt is ALL THE RAGE! Everyone wants it and those who start the “$44 for a t-shirt??” post are verbally slashed to the point of death and then shunned. So I was quietly skeptical. Then I tried it on. Of course I loved it, and then somehow I just decided to bite the bullet and pay the astronomical price.

BEST. DECISION. EVER. I have ZERO regrets! I have already worn this more times then I can count. It goes with basically everything and it’s so easy to dress up or down. Dear Sam Hi-Lo Tee, I’m a believer!

Status: Kept


Skies are Blue – Keagan Knit Dress – $68

When we peaked (and I say “we” because I took screenshots on my phone of all the items and texted them to Sean and basically forced him to engage in dialog about them) we were positive this dress was a keeper! Love at first sight!

Then I tried it on, and we were both like, “hmm…”



So here’s the thing, it’s SUPER soft, love the pattern, colors, and cutout in the back. BUT the dress was too short and too tight on my mid section. I was tugging at it all through the photo shoot and at the same time trying to convince myself I really did love it. I even tried it on with the big, floppy vacation hat I told you about.


Although this dress could pass as a vacation dress, it would be of no other use because it’s a smidge too short for work. I just couldn’t justify it, and I didn’t really enjoy wearing it.

Status: Returned


Papermoon – Sheydon Trim Detail Blouse – $44



Not much to say about this blouse. It was just kind of meh. You know? Nothing special. Didn’t hate it, but didn’t love it. Plus, I just bought a navy blouse that is very similar. So really no need for this one.

Status: Returned


Pixley – Annette Printed Tulip Hem Maxi Skirt – $58


When I peeked, I wasn’t crazy about the pattern of this skirt and I was unsure about the cut. When I tried it on I was certain I didn’t like the pattern but I LOVED the cut. Check out a close up of this pattern, doesn’t it look like a woman screaming?


Still, I almost kept it just because at the time it was the closest thing to perfect I had found for our day at the Vatican. If you don’t know, the Vatican has some pretty strict rules. Your knees and shoulders have to be covered, which for females is challenging to do without looking like a Season 1 Duggar, fundamentalist Mormon, or a fashionista who is 5 minutes away from heat stroke.

In the end, I’m glad I passed on the screaming woman skirt, because I did find the perfect Vatican dress a few weeks later at TJ Maxx – for half the price of course. Keep your eye out for a glimpse of that dress in a future post.

This skirt taught me to embrace the tulip hem, and to not settle for good when you have over a month left to find great.

Status: Returned


So there you go, my third box.

Even though I only kept one thing, I was really happy! This was by FAR the most personalized box I’ve received yet.

Also, if you’re considering signing up for Stitch Fix, I would LOVE it if you used my referral link! If you do, I get $25 off my next order!

I Cheated on Stitch Fix with Golden Tote

Have you heard of Golden Tote? I’m finding most people haven’t. It’s like Stitch Fix (and you know how much I loved my first and second fix) but with a little bit of a twist.

You can find out exactly how Golden Tote works here.

Now to the good stuff!!!

Why did you cheat on Stitch Fix with Golden Tote?

Since I’m a quarterly subscription girl, I wasn’t due for another Fix for another month. I heard about Golden Tote, was intrigued, happened to be thinking about it minutes before they posted their May boutique (they post a new boutique the first Monday of every month), and just decided to go for it.

One of the biggest differences between Stitch Fix and Golden Tote is that Golden Tote has an all or none rule so you have to either keep everything or send everything back. Because I just lighted my wardrobe to only items I LOVE, I found it pretty hard to believe that I would LOVE all 5 items in a large tote. You can sell or trade items you don’t like in a Golden Tote Facebook group, but I would prefer not to add more clothes to the growing pile that need a new home.

So even though it’s slightly less cost effective, I ordered the small tote, which includes one item you select from Golden Tote’s boutique and one surprise item.

How much did this affair cost you?

The total cost for a small tote is $64, so each item costs you $32, which is pretty great for designer pieces. Just for comparison, the large tote is $150, so each item is around $30 each. These same types of clothes can run you $50-$100 each through Stitch Fix. Golden Tote’s pricing is very comparable to Nordstrom Rack pricing, without making you dig or scroll for a great find.

Did you enjoy it???

I’m so glad you finally asked! Here’s what I got…


CHOSEN ITEM: Pleated Polka Dot Top

I chose this top because it’s totally “me” – I just can’t get enough stripes and polka dots and black and white (and teal) are my jam! I also chose it because it’s very versatile. Not only can it be easily dressed up for a client meeting, but I can dress it down with jeans for a normal day at the office or dress it down even further and pair it with shorts for a summer BBQ.

This pick was a pretty safe bet. It’s totally inside my comfort zone and something I would pick up off the rack so not a huge shock that I LOVE it!

SURPRISE ITEM: Fun2Fun Summery Floral Top


When I saw this top in my tote it was love at first sight. Sadly, that love turned to like when I put it on. I know, I know, I know…I’m only supposed to keep items I LOVE and I didn’t LOVE this shirt. But I liked it and I needed a new top for a retirement party at my mother-in-law’s school later that week. Plus, if I decide the shirt needs to go, I can sell or trade it on the Facebook group.

So I kept the tote.

What do you think of my first Golden Tote experience? Feeling brave enough to give it a try?

How to Shop at TJ Maxx Without Wanting to Punch Someone

I previously stayed far away from TJ Maxx (except when I visited the adjoining Home Goods) because shopping for clothes at TJ Maxx was simply a nightmare. I typically left with nothing but a headache. When I did manage to find cute pieces, the treasure hunt only worsened when I had to track down a different size. For someone who already hates shopping, TJ Maxx was a recipe for disaster….


….I heard you could buy clothes online at!  Yeah, I didn’t know either!

So here’s the skinny. The website only includes select items, not everything you would find in the store. However, in my opinion, it actually helps weed out the crappy stuff from the true designer pieces. In essence, the website only has the good stuff!

Also, if you spend $100 or more you get free shipping. Plus there are free returns if you return items to the store.

WARNING: Don’t try this with After driving the 1.5 hours to the store in Denver to return the items I didn’t want, I found out they can only give you store credit for online purchases. Robbery!

Anyway, back to the TJ Maxx reveal…

W5 Concepts – Printed Double Layer Blouse – $10

Husband Sean and I just weren’t crazy about this one. It just didn’t do anything for me. Plus the arm holes were a bit low.

Status: Returned


Premise – Ribbed Cuff Open Cardigan – $19.99

My black, Old Navy cardigan was at the end of its life and it was time for a replacement. Looking back, I probably should have bought a replacement cardigan with a full sleeve instead of a 3/4 length sleeve, but at the time I just loved this one so much I didn’t even notice.

The ribbed cuff is super flattering.

The length is great.

The material is heavy and feels quality.

Plus, look at those buttons! Adorable!

Status: Kept


Focus 2000 – Striped Poncho – $24.99

I never thought to try out a poncho, but last October my parents came for a visit and my mom saw one in White House Black Market and begged me to try it on. I did, and when I took it off she took it straight to the register. She said it just looked too cute on me to pass it up. You can see that poncho in my first Stitch Fix reveal. Since October I’ve warmed up to the poncho and when I saw this one, I was feeling brave enough to consider adding a second one to my wardrobe.

Sadly, this poncho was a complete disaster! I tried it with dark wash skinny jeans, lighter wash boyfriend jeans, black jeans and leggings in several colors. Nothing was working. We finally gave up on this poncho because we simply couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

Status: Returned


Kut from the Kloth – Spicy Floral Print Wrap Blouse – $16.99

IMG_1237Finding this top on is what got me excited about this little experiment. Kut from the Kloth is a designer brand that Stitch Fix stylists commonly send their customers. In fact, I received a pair of Kut from the Kloth pants in my second Stitch Fix.

I remembered seeing a similar top to this one on Stitch Fix blog posts. However, those bloggers paid around $50 and I found this one for only $16.99! What a steal!

I paired the top with the Liverpool black skinnies from my first Stitch Fix and I was in love!

Status: Kept


Cupio – Long Sleeve Cardigan – $10

IMG_1239I was also in desperate need of a white cardigan replacement. I’ve actually needed one since last winter when my Old Navy go-to got a hole in it. When I saw this one online it looked perfect!

Sadly, in person it was a disaster! The material was SO thin it was practically useless. The collar and sides didn’t seem to lay right either.

Status: Returned


Kenneth Cole Reaction – Duplicator Striped Crossbody – $19.99

I needed a small (but not too small) crossbody bag for our cruise this summer. That’s right, the hubs and I are taking a Mediterranean cruise in July!!! Anchors away!

So I needed something stylish (hello, we’re in EUROPE!) that could go with just about anything and could still hold the essentials like our Rick Steves travel guide. This crossbody bag fit the bill perfectly and will be hitting the streets of Rome this summer.

Status: Kept


So there you go, that’s how you shop TJ Maxx without losing your mind!

IMPORTANT to note: Sadly, the experience wasn’t all gravy. Returning the items to the store was a little bit of a nightmare. First off, you have to keep the plastic bag that each item comes in. There isn’t a TJ Maxx tag on any of the items, so the bar code on the bag is the only way they can verify the item was actually purchased on their website. Second, it took three employees and about 30 minutes standing at the register to complete the return process. The employees were telling me the whole time they didn’t know how to do this type of return, which was quite disheartening considering the website was proudly promoting this “convenience.”

However, all in all, I would definitely shop TJ Maxx (online) again!


Stitch Fix #2 – March 2016

I received my second Stitch Fix yesterday! I’m still completely in love/obsessed with this service, even though I only do it quarterly. If you missed it, you should definitely check out my first Stitch Fix.


Also, if you’re considering signing up, I would LOVE it if you used my referral link! If you do, I get $25 off my next order!

So now to the good stuff…what was in my box?

Alice Blue – Lucio Henley Blouse – $48


Thanks to a few Stitch Fix bloggers out there, I found out that once your box ships, you can use the Stitch Fix app to peek at the items in your box.

This time around…I peeked.

This shirt was the item I was most excited about and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It was both me and husband Sean’s favorite item in the box…and Sean’s favorite Stitch Fix item of all time.

With Spring coming (sometime) this shirt will be perfect. Also, since our church is pretty casual, and sadly, new Easter dresses aren’t really a “thing,” this might make the perfect Easter outfit.

Just because I can’t help but continue to show it off, take a look at the back and the sleeves. And let’s just not mention how long it took me to figure out how to roll the sleeves…

Status: Kept

Marlyn Schiff – Medina Teardrop Filigree Earrings – $34

When I initially saw that earrings were included in my box I was a little disappointed. I typically only buy accessories if they are dirt cheap. But I actually really love these….so much that I almost bought them, even for $34.

I kept them on through the entire Stitch Fix fashion show and then realized they were starting to feel a bit heavy. If they were heavy after 45 minutes, lugging them around all day seemed unbearable.

Status: Returned

Market & Spruce Lauderdale Knit Cardigan – $48

IMG_1269Jeans, cardigans and flats are my go-to staples. Sean hates the cardigans. I hate being cold. So we are at an impasse there.

However, even with my deep love for cardigans, light pink is not my thing…

….unless it’s this sweater! The wedding day sweater was perfect!

View More:

Anyway…back to the Lauderdale Knit Cardigan. It’s super light-weight, which would make it a unique addition to the cardigan wardrobe, but I’m also not sure how practical it would be. It seems more useful in my former life as a Floridian. Actually, that may be why “Lauderdale” is in its name?

The other issue with this sweater is the sleeves. They were WAY too tight. I felt like my guns were bursting out of them. You can even tell from the photo above that it looks a little snug in the arms.


Then there is the final problem. There was a VERY noticeable hole on the right sleeve. I saw it as soon as I pulled it out of the box. That doesn’t exactly scream “quality designer item,” so for many reasons….we passed on this one.

Status: Returned

Market & Spruce Careen V-Neck Dolman Knit Top – $48

I’m starting to think $48 was the magic number for Stitch Fix #2.


My response to this shirt was “Meh” and Husband’s response was “Didn’t you just donate a ton of shirts just like that?”

What I liked…the material felt quality. It didn’t feel like your average t-shirt from Target.

What I/We didn’t like…it kind of looks like I picked it up at Target…cute, but nothing special about it.

Since we’re now in the habit of only keeping things if we love them…and I mean L.O.V.E. them, adding something back to my wardrobe that I’m indifferent about seemed to be a step backward.

Also, the sleeves were a little snug on this one too. I know that my arms need some attention at the gym…but GEEZ! These last two items made me feel like I need to start my application video for The Biggest Loser ASAP.

Status: Returned

Kut From The Kloth – Rose Bootcut Pant – $78

These were great! Just great! If I kept them, I would need to take them to the tailor to be hemmed, but other than that, just perfection. The only problem…I have no use for them no matter how perfect they are. If I kept them, they would be relegated to a section of my closet (with my other neglected dress pants) to never see the light of day again.

Yes, I’m a career gal. Yes, I work the 8:00-5:00 in Corporate America. But no, I don’t dress like this for work. In the beginning I did, then I got tired of the weird looks, so I started wearing jeans like everyone else. This is one of the best and worst things about working for a tech company. It’s the best because I get to wear jeans…and jeans are awesome. It’s the worst because I can’t figure out how to dress casual but look professional.

Status: Returned



My Very First Stitch Fix – December 2015

When I was in college I told my mom that if I ever became rich I would hire a personal shopper to stock my closet and tell me what to ware each day. In February I married a teacher…the chances of me being rich one day just dwindled.

But….there is still hope! A month ago I found out about Stitch Fix while aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest. It quickly became my favorite thing I’d never tried. You create a profile, pay a stylist $20 and quality clothes are sent to your house that include photos that show you how to turn that item into an outfit. I thought I had found the holy grail…then I found out all my friends have been using the grail for months, or even years! Always late to the party.

So a few weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger and I scheduled my first fix. I’ll be receiving a new fix every quarter. I’m planning on blogging about each fix, mostly because posts from other bloggers is what really convinced me to take the plunge. So I want to return the favor…or pay it forward…whichever one works in this scenario.

So here we go. Stitch Fix Review #1!

SPECIAL THANKS to my photographer, Sean McGrath. You win for best husband this weekend. You dragged our Christmas tree out of the forest with 3 feet of snow, you were forced into our Christmas card family photo shoot, and then took these photos….all without a single complaint even though I was less than pleasant through most of it.

Market & Spruce – Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – $58

This shirt was so soft and comfy. Plus, I really liked the fit. As soon as I put this on, I knew it was a keeper. Who doesn’t need a new, red sweater just in time for Christmas? No one.

Status: Kept

Liverpool – Anita Skinny Pant (Black) – $78

I desperately needed a pair of black skinnys and these were super soft and warm. They aren’t leggings, they are jeans. I went back and forth a million times on these jeans, mostly because I felt like they were too high-waisted. But after mulling it over, I decided I should give them a chance. I am thinking that switching from low-rise to mid-rise may actually solve this muffin top issue I’ve been having lately without requiring me to go to the gym.

Status: Kept

Loveappella Rainie – Long Sleeve Asymmetrical Knit Top – $54


This was Sean’s favorite item in the fix. The length, cut and super comfy fabric were very “me,” but the asymmetrical part of this shirt makes it just outside my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it’s so versatile and did I mention SO COMFY! Plus, one of my goals this year was to buy things outside my typical style AND husband loved it! So…we kept it. Me and my asymmetrical shirt will be hitting the Vegas Strip next weekend to celebration the big 3-0!

Status – Kept

RD Style – Dominick Pullover Sweater – $68

In the words of the great photographer Sean McGrath, “No style card in the world could make that sweater look good.” First, I love that my husband knows the Stitch Fix term “style card.” If you didn’t believe me before when I told you I was obsessed…I bet you believe me now. Back to the sweater…just awful. First of all it was shorter then I prefer…oh and super wide! I gained 20 pounds as soon as I put it on.

Status: Returned

Skies are Blue – Allora Quilted Peacoat Puffer Jacket

This jacket is totally my style, in fact, it’s so my style that I already have three coats exactly like it in varying colors and materials. I love the quilted, puffer fabric, I even liked the olive color – I’ve never owned anything olive. But, I already have several coats like this and a plethora of other coats….and it’s a little big.

Status: Returned

So there you go. Stitch Fix box #1. I’m already excited for #2 in March!