Stitch Fix #4 – October 2016

Great news – I’ve officially found my stylist! I was so pleased with my 3rd fix that I emailed Customer Service and asked if Ann Blaire could become my permanent stylist. I’m SO glad I did because she KILLED it with Fix #4! Plus, check out her note. How sweet is she!


As you may remember from my first, second or third fixes, I’m a quarterly (or seasonal) fix kind of girl. One per month is WAY too much for my closet and our budget. For my fall fix I spent some time going through my clothes to find out what I have and what I need, and then I asked Ann Blaire to send the following:

  • Colored and/or light wash skinny jeans
  • Elbow patches
  • A cold shoulder dress/top
  • A brown cardigan great for layering
  • Anything fall-ish that she thought I would love

So here’s what my gal Ann Blaire sent me…

Moda Luxe – Brooks Crossbody Bag – $58

Ok, so I’m not really a purse kind of girl. I probably have about 10 of them total, but really I just use one. It’s brown and I bought it for $15 at Old Navy about 3 years ago (somewhat similar). And to be honest, about 6 months ago I ditched the purse for a large Target wallet so now only carry a purse about once a week.

But all that being said…as soon as I pulled this purse out of the box, I HAD TO KEEP IT! I love that it’s crossbody! It makes it perfect for running around on weekends or for carrying while on vacation. Plus I own NOTHING in this color. It’s just perfect for fall. Plus, check out how cute the pattern is inside.

Status: Kept


Liverpool – Adele Skinny Jean – $88

fullsizeoutput_317Although I LOVE the color, I was a little nervous about these skinnies because of the brand. I have two other pairs of Liverpool pants (remember the black ones from my first Fix). Although both of my Liverpool pants look great when I first put them on, as the day goes on they start to sag.

Thankfully these Liverpool’s were much more structured (just like Ann Blaire said) and they stay put all day long.

The color is great for fall and even though they are a bit bold, (for me) they are surprisingly easy to pair. These pants are a little longer than I would have liked, but if the length really starts to irritate me, I can always get them hemmed.

Status: Kept


Market & Spruce – Cotulla Button Back Sweater – $58

I asked for elbow patches and I got them! Sadly, I just didn’t LOVE this sweater. The back is adorable, but the front is just kind of blah.

However, even though I wasn’t in love with it, I quickly came to realize this sweater is many SF enthusiasts’ fall unicorn. I do have a little regret about not keeping this because it was super soft and it probably would have been pretty versatile. However, because I didn’t LOVE it; I couldn’t justify spending the money to keep it.

Instead of sending it straight back, I posted it on the Stitch Fix B/S/T board and it sold in less than 10 minutes.

Status: Sold


BRIXON IVY – Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan – $68

Last year I saw a TON of cute outfits with brown cardigans that I wanted to try out for myself. The only problem was that I could never find the key ingredient – a brown cardigan. Instead of running the risk of another fruitless search this year, I decided to give my stylist a shot at finding one for me.

THANK YOU Ann Blaire! The one she sent was SO much better than anything I had even imagined.

Check out those pockets! So adorable! And if that wasn’t enough, the cable knit adds an extra element of interest. The sweater is also pretty thick, so it will be great in the winter too. Thin cardigans can only take you so far into fall here in Colorado.

Status: Kept


Hailee C – Morwen Button Up Top – $58

This was the only item in the box that I flat out didn’t like. The fit isn’t great for me. It feels a bit short. Plus, it doesn’t feel like a very high quality item. However, when I added up the price of the purse, jeans and cardigan, I found that with the 20% discount, it actually made more sense to keep everything. Although I REALLY wanted to add some plaid to my wardrobe, this shirt just wasn’t for me.

Apparently a lot of others feel the same way. Even though I have it listed for sale in several places online, I still haven’t managed to find a buyer.

Status: FOR SALE!


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