I Cheated on Stitch Fix with Golden Tote

Have you heard of Golden Tote? I’m finding most people haven’t. It’s like Stitch Fix (and you know how much I loved my first and second fix) but with a little bit of a twist.

You can find out exactly how Golden Tote works here.

Now to the good stuff!!!

Why did you cheat on Stitch Fix with Golden Tote?

Since I’m a quarterly subscription girl, I wasn’t due for another Fix for another month. I heard about Golden Tote, was intrigued, happened to be thinking about it minutes before they posted their May boutique (they post a new boutique the first Monday of every month), and just decided to go for it.

One of the biggest differences between Stitch Fix and Golden Tote is that Golden Tote has an all or none rule so you have to either keep everything or send everything back. Because I just lighted my wardrobe to only items I LOVE, I found it pretty hard to believe that I would LOVE all 5 items in a large tote. You can sell or trade items you don’t like in a Golden Tote Facebook group, but I would prefer not to add more clothes to the growing pile that need a new home.

So even though it’s slightly less cost effective, I ordered the small tote, which includes one item you select from Golden Tote’s boutique and one surprise item.

How much did this affair cost you?

The total cost for a small tote is $64, so each item costs you $32, which is pretty great for designer pieces. Just for comparison, the large tote is $150, so each item is around $30 each. These same types of clothes can run you $50-$100 each through Stitch Fix. Golden Tote’s pricing is very comparable to Nordstrom Rack pricing, without making you dig or scroll for a great find.

Did you enjoy it???

I’m so glad you finally asked! Here’s what I got…


CHOSEN ITEM: Pleated Polka Dot Top

I chose this top because it’s totally “me” – I just can’t get enough stripes and polka dots and black and white (and teal) are my jam! I also chose it because it’s very versatile. Not only can it be easily dressed up for a client meeting, but I can dress it down with jeans for a normal day at the office or dress it down even further and pair it with shorts for a summer BBQ.

This pick was a pretty safe bet. It’s totally inside my comfort zone and something I would pick up off the rack so not a huge shock that I LOVE it!

SURPRISE ITEM: Fun2Fun Summery Floral Top


When I saw this top in my tote it was love at first sight. Sadly, that love turned to like when I put it on. I know, I know, I know…I’m only supposed to keep items I LOVE and I didn’t LOVE this shirt. But I liked it and I needed a new top for a retirement party at my mother-in-law’s school later that week. Plus, if I decide the shirt needs to go, I can sell or trade it on the Facebook group.

So I kept the tote.

What do you think of my first Golden Tote experience? Feeling brave enough to give it a try?


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