Vacation Purchases I’m Most Excited to Use – PART 2

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of the Vacation Purchases I’m Most Excited to Use series, you definitely should!

We’re three months away from setting sail on our Mediterranean cruise and before we go, there are a few more purchases I want to share with you.

7PC Anpress Packing Cube Set

61o2wgad2pL._SL1000_Purchased From: Amazon

Price: $20.93

A friend told us about packing cubes. I had no idea these were a thing, but apparently they are all the rage in the world of travel. Not only do they keep your clothes organized and wrinkle free, but they somehow magically allow you to pack WAY more in less space! Because I wasn’t ready to pay $40 for a set of top of the line plastic bags, I bought this off-brand set instead. When they arrived I immediately used them to pack all the clothes I intended to bring on our trip. Sure enough, EVERYTHING fit in these cubes and consequently, everything then fit nicely into the new-to-me rolling duffle I told you about in part 1 of this post. A few weeks later I bought a set of Eagle Creek packing cubes for Sean for only $16.95!


Samsonite Eye Mask and Earplug Set

1439165Purchased From: Kohls

Price: $6.99

In part 1 of this post you heard me talk about the importance of getting some sleep on our overnight flight. My new eye mask and earplugs were yet another purchase made to help with that. The eye mask has already served me well on several nights when Sean is trolling Facebook on his iPad while I’m trying to sleep.


Adidas Neo Lite Racer Slip On Shoes

350-100154195-847__1Purchased From: Costco

Price: $24.99

This purchase has #girlproblems written all over it. Finding fashionable shoes that you can actually walk in all day is like finding the holy grail. I’m not saying I found the holy grail when I found these shoes, but I got close enough to stop looking. Plus, they were less than $25 at Costco! I already wore these on a day trip to the zoo followed by several hours of mattress shopping and both the shoes and my feet held up really nicely!


Eagle Creek Liquid Bag

downloadPurchased From: Sierra Trading Post

Price: $3.50

Since I already told you about my #girlproblems, I should definitely share my #firstworldproblems. I HATE having to remember to buy quart size bags every time we travel. Plus if the bag breaks or one of you liquids explodes, let’s hope you remembered to bring an extra bag for the flight home. I told you #firstworldproblems. A few years back I bought a reusable plastic travel bag at Walmart but the slider at the top was so crappy that it broke in half after one flight…not even a whole trip, just one flight. When I saw these for less than $4 at Sierra Trading Post I immediately put two in my cart.


20 UV-Tanning Sessions

UntitledPurchased From: Groupon

Price: $36

Even though I’m half Italian, I did not get what I call “the good skin.” If you want to see what “the good skin” looks like, look up Joshua LaSelva on Facebook. I’ve found that a few weeks of tanning (along with really good sunscreen) goes a long way in preventing a miserable sunburn. Plus, it’s nice to not look  like a ghost in our vacation photos.

So there you have it. These are the purchases I’ve made thus far. Right now there isn’t a plan for a part 3 of this series, but there is still a lot of shopping time left before our trip, so stay tuned.


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