My Very First Stitch Fix – December 2015

When I was in college I told my mom that if I ever became rich I would hire a personal shopper to stock my closet and tell me what to ware each day. In February I married a teacher…the chances of me being rich one day just dwindled.

But….there is still hope! A month ago I found out about Stitch Fix while aimlessly scrolling through Pinterest. It quickly became my favorite thing I’d never tried. You create a profile, pay a stylist $20 and quality clothes are sent to your house that include photos that show you how to turn that item into an outfit. I thought I had found the holy grail…then I found out all my friends have been using the grail for months, or even years! Always late to the party.

So a few weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger and I scheduled my first fix. I’ll be receiving a new fix every quarter. I’m planning on blogging about each fix, mostly because posts from other bloggers is what really convinced me to take the plunge. So I want to return the favor…or pay it forward…whichever one works in this scenario.

So here we go. Stitch Fix Review #1!

SPECIAL THANKS to my photographer, Sean McGrath. You win for best husband this weekend. You dragged our Christmas tree out of the forest with 3 feet of snow, you were forced into our Christmas card family photo shoot, and then took these photos….all without a single complaint even though I was less than pleasant through most of it.

Market & Spruce – Sawyer Space Dye Dolman Sleeve Knit Top – $58

This shirt was so soft and comfy. Plus, I really liked the fit. As soon as I put this on, I knew it was a keeper. Who doesn’t need a new, red sweater just in time for Christmas? No one.

Status: Kept

Liverpool – Anita Skinny Pant (Black) – $78

I desperately needed a pair of black skinnys and these were super soft and warm. They aren’t leggings, they are jeans. I went back and forth a million times on these jeans, mostly because I felt like they were too high-waisted. But after mulling it over, I decided I should give them a chance. I am thinking that switching from low-rise to mid-rise may actually solve this muffin top issue I’ve been having lately without requiring me to go to the gym.

Status: Kept

Loveappella Rainie – Long Sleeve Asymmetrical Knit Top – $54


This was Sean’s favorite item in the fix. The length, cut and super comfy fabric were very “me,” but the asymmetrical part of this shirt makes it just outside my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure I liked it, but it’s so versatile and did I mention SO COMFY! Plus, one of my goals this year was to buy things outside my typical style AND husband loved it! So…we kept it. Me and my asymmetrical shirt will be hitting the Vegas Strip next weekend to celebration the big 3-0!

Status – Kept

RD Style – Dominick Pullover Sweater – $68

In the words of the great photographer Sean McGrath, “No style card in the world could make that sweater look good.” First, I love that my husband knows the Stitch Fix term “style card.” If you didn’t believe me before when I told you I was obsessed…I bet you believe me now. Back to the sweater…just awful. First of all it was shorter then I prefer…oh and super wide! I gained 20 pounds as soon as I put it on.

Status: Returned

Skies are Blue – Allora Quilted Peacoat Puffer Jacket

This jacket is totally my style, in fact, it’s so my style that I already have three coats exactly like it in varying colors and materials. I love the quilted, puffer fabric, I even liked the olive color – I’ve never owned anything olive. But, I already have several coats like this and a plethora of other coats….and it’s a little big.

Status: Returned

So there you go. Stitch Fix box #1. I’m already excited for #2 in March!


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